So the other day, I started playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was widely considered as one of the best games ever being published, if not the best.

The main area that was shared by most reviewers were how revolutionary its open world concept was. There was no one way of reaching the final battle, you could do it in less than 40 minutes, or spend hours and hours being mesmerised into the beautiful landscapes of Hyrule.

That has got me thinking. Yes BOTW was a revolutionary game, but what is game if not a miniature of life? A larger than life depiction, of well, life.

Our life is mostly an open world to us, to explore, to walk, to climb, to see, to smell, to taste everything that we ever want to. Yes we can’t fly (yet!), or climb endlessly up the mountain, without any gears, but there are plenty of things that we can do.

Men are limited to what we constrain ourselves to. What do we want in life? To only do the major quest of defeating Calamity Ganon, and ignore all the minor quests? Or to actually savour the little things that life has to offer?

We can “fly”, “swim”, “paraglide” to wherever we want to, so long as we put our minds towards it.

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